To be honest, cosmetic surgery is not made for everyone. One of the main reasons to say so is its high cost. Cosmetic surgeries are for the rich people. You can hardly find a celebrity or a person with celebrity like status with a wrinkled face, flabby waist or a not so well-shaped body these days.

All the courtesy goes to the numerous types of cosmetic surgeries available that has come as a boon for the people who are not getting along with a part of their body or their appearance. Cosmetic surgery is mainly concerned with the appearance of a particular part of the body.

THE Result May not be Similar what you had Imagined

Though almost everyone wishes to have a perfect face but not everyone can avail the cosmetic surgery option. The first reason for the same is cost and the second thing is the errors that happen sometimes. There are many cases where an individual goes for a cosmetic surgery to correct a particular fault but somehow ultimately get even worse results. There are cases when teenagers wished to have silicon filled lips to a fuller pout but the results came out to be an even worse looking lips. This is the reason people should not just randomly go for such surgeries. Having a though about whether the demanded option will really look good on them or not is necessary.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Having surgery to please someone else

Well, as you know cosmetic surgery comes with certain risks that you may have to deal with in the near future after you undergo a surgery and recovery times are quite long.

How much does it cost?

According to some of the academies, it was estimated that the people living in world spend over $20 billion each year in surgical procedures alone. And another $9 billion was spent over non surgical procedures. Nearly 50% of the procedures were performed on patients who were over 45 years old, and the procedures which were performed on them were mainly liposuction, eyelid surgery and facelifts. A facelift alone covers up more $6000 and a liposuction over $5000. Now, you can guess why it called for the rich people?


Most patients of breast lifts or tummy tucks believe that the skill and experience of the surgeon will determine how bad or how good the post surgery scar is. But according to many plastic surgeons and other medical experts, it is actually the patient’s genetics that determine how the scar will look. The surgeon may do the exact same procedure on two patients, but their healing and scarring will differ from each other. People with a darker complexion tend to have more visible scars.


For the truth is that no surgery in the world is going to change the way you are, whatever the industry may claim. The new person comes from changing the way you think, not from the surgeon’s knife. This is the reason there are some people who are easily ready to go under the knife while other may not.